Hi, I'm Kelsey

I'm just trying to make people feel comfortable in front of a camera. I use a mix of poses and prompts to create natural movement and emotion.

Often, I'll demonstrate the pose for you if I can because my brain usually stops forming words when I'm shooting:

Me: Move your...this thing...like this???
*gestures elbow propped up on a fence* 
*holding hands* 
*swishing a dress back and forth*
We always get the shot one way or another!

Get to Know me

“Kelsey is truly gifted, she did our wedding pictures on a very rainy day and not only she was very patient, but also had great ideas on taking pictures in the middle of the storm...
People referred to some of those as “stunning” and I agree, Kelsey was ready with some beautiful umbrellas and what a nice shots she took!

She was everywhere, running around with 2 cameras...everyone has something good to say about Kelsey... and now that we received the pictures we couldn’t be happier!”