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Parisian Style Fashion Shoot in Boston

So, these pictures may look like they were taken in the countryside of France or the heart of Paris, but they were actually taken just outside of Boston!

It's amazing what can happen when you have great light, an awesome model, and the right location.

My friend Lauren is always willing to get glam and have a fun time playing dress up with me. We embarked on a golden hour shoot, starting with a beautiful floral dress. I had snagged it at h&m the week before to wear to my friend's wedding.

We headed out to a local park and had a blast shooting underneath the blooming trees, in the tall grass, and on multiple little bridges.

Then we headed to our second location, a rooftop that I have only recently figured out how to get onto—do not try this at home. It may not have been the safest location (although we stayed very far away from the edge), but it was so pretty.

I snagged this satin dress at Free People only two days before the shoot. I've always been a sucker for pretty dresses. This one was too good to pass up! It has the vintage vibes I love. My favorite fashion decades have always been the 20's and 60's/70's, so this shoot was everything I could have wished for.

Lauren's boyfriend had tagged along and was kind enough to be our Official Dress Thrower. It really made for some amazing pictures. And he was so fast getting out of the way, I didn't even have to Photoshop him out!

These are some of my most favorite shoots to do, so here's to hoping for more like this in the future!

Comment below which picture is your favorite!



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