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Video: What To Wear To Your Portrait Session

Hey, guys! In this video, I'm giving you some of my best tips on what to wear to your portrait session. I've got tips for couples, groups, and individuals, so this video is for everyone! Taking pictures should be fun, not stressful, so start off on the right foot with a perfect outfit!

What Not To Wear: Ribbed Knits Dress Shirts With Sheen Logos or Writing (unless it's a fashion shoot) Dark or White undergarments under light fabrics- always go for skin tone undergarments Anything that is too small and causes bunching

My Portrait Outfit Tips 1. Be Comfortable & Dress Like Yourself

Most people are a little nervous tin front of the camera, so wearing a comfortable outfit can be one way to help calm those nerves. If you're wearing something that's too tight or not your style, it can add to your discomfort. Try your best to embrace your own sense of style and comfort!

2. Balance Your Proportions

This is a tip I try to follow with most of my outfits. The general idea is that you want to wear one item with volume and one item that is closer fitting. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to your liking, but this guideline can help to keep you from being swallowed by your clothes or feeling too exposed.

3. Wear Proper Footwear

A lot of my shoots take place in nature, so bringing one pair of shoes for getting to the location and another pair for the actual shoot is usually a good idea. We may be hiking through the forest, frolicking in a field, or walking along the beach, so proper footwear is a must!

4. Textured Solids

If you're wearing a solid colored piece, it's best to choose something with a texture to it. A few examples are a cable knit sweater, embroidered blouse, or ruffle skirt. These dimensional details will catch the light and help to keep your clothing from turning into one blob of solid color.

5. Bring Layers

I live in New England, where it can be snowing one minute and sunny the next, so I've learned that layers are almost always a must. Not only do they help prepare your for whatever weather may come, they always give your photos extra variety. Throwing on a jacket can be an immediate confidence booster, a security blanket, and a place to put your hands.

6. Don't Match, Coordinate

The old trend in group and family photos was to all wear the same outfit. While that is a fabulous relic of the early 2000's, it's fallen out of fashion in recent years. What I like to tell people now is not to match, but to coordinate instead. This means choosing a color palette or style to wear rather than a set outfit. This gives a lifelike and relaxed look to group pictures.

7. No Logos or Writing

Unless you're doing a fashion shoot, logos and writing on your clothing are going to be a distraction. They take away from the beautiful faces we're look at and leave people guessing what your shirt says.

8. Mix Prints & Solids

When wearing separates, it can look great if one piece is solid and the other is a print. For women this could be an awesome pair of patterned pants or fun blouse, and for men it could be khaki pants and a plaid shirt. Feel free to go as safe or crazy as you want with your prints! These two prints next to each other would be a bit much, but the woman's sweater creates a barrier between the prints.

I hope this helped you guys out! TTYL ~Kelsey

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