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The Roaring 20's Lawn Party at Crane Estate

YOU GUYSSS!!!! The Roaring Twenties Lawn Party at Crane Estate was the best thing everrrrrrr. I have been obsessed with the 20's ever since I learned what a flapper was junior year of high school. It was an instant obsession. I dressed up as a flapper for the next three Halloweens and even had a 20's style prom dress. I had seen this event on Facebook last year and missed out on it. This year, I made sure that didn't happen. I was going to see what this was all about.

My friend Julie and I drove up to Ipswich Sunday afternoon, taking our sweet time packing a picnic and even watercolor paints. We weren't sure what to expect. When we started walking up to the mansion I got more and more excited with each step. Jazz music was drifting down the hill, a Model T drove by, and we began to see people dressed to the nines.

We rounded the corner and stepped back in time. Swing dancers were dotting a grassy terrace while onlookers sipped cocktails and snapped pictures.

I love this picture so much because there are no traces of the 21st century.

I was in heaven. Julie and I set up our picnic blanket, scarfed down some lunch, and then it was time to explore and, in my case, take hundreds of pictures. We met so many cool people while walking the grounds, shopping in the vintage vendor section, and taking Charleston dance lessons.

I'm pretty positive this girl's pink hair would be flapper approved.

Julie looked dapper in a top hat.

I went up to so many people and asked to take pictures of their amazing outfits and not a single one said no! I loved seeing people who were so committed to the theme and were friendly to boot!

Does she not look just like Daisy Buchanan!?

How amazing are these ladies! Not only are their outfits the bee's knee's, they were also super nice and amazing models!

I could go on for hours and post so many more pictures, but in the name of self-control, I'll leave you with just a few final snaps to close out the night.

I embraced the more bohemian aspect of 20's fashion, of course.


Okay, maybe that's more than a few, but hey, now, this is what dreams are made of! Until next time, mansion.

TTYL ~Kelsey

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