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I Went Back to College for This Fall Fashion Photoshoot

One of my goals when starting this full-time photography adventure was to have a shoot every week, regardless of whether or not I had a client book me. Not only would this help me get better at photography, posing, editing, and working with clients, it would also help to stay creative and not stagnate. Last week I made true on this promise to myself and reached out to some contacts from college. A friend connected me with Jessica, a psychology student at my alma mater, the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I only graduated a little over two years ago, but I know almost no one there, so I was happy to make some new connections. Jessica was super sweet and totally down to take pictures. She'd actually done some modeling in high school, so I barely had to direct her!

If you've never been to UMass Amherst, it is a massive school. It was often a 20 minute walk to get from my dorm/parking lot to the classroom. Not only is it a huge campus, but there is constant construction. So, once I picked Jessica up and got to campus, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to find a parking spot because everywhere I used to park is now the home of some new building. We decided to shoot on campus right near the dining common I used to eat at every day. When I was a freshman they were just breaking ground on a permaculture garden behind the building. Now, six years later, it's a lush little plot of land that feeds the students who eat inside.

Once we found our location, I was excited to start shooting. Jessica and I had worked together styling her outfits for a cozy fall vibe.

When I told Jessica to twirl and move her arms around, it may have sounded strange, but it was totally worth it! I love how her eye is just peeking out from behind her hair.

The sun came out at just the right time. Golden hour was gorgeous!

I always love a good wide brim fedora. It has to be at least three inches or I'm not interested.

Behind Jessica is one of the Morrill Science Buildings. There are 4 in total, all connected, and all numbered out of order, so it was always a maze to find which one your class was in.

Is this not a perfect fall scene!? I'm obsessed with it. I love how her sweater is flowing behind her, contrasting with her sleek black jeans.

Stay tuned for more fall portraits! I'm trying to fit in as much as I can while the leaves are still around.



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