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Gift Guide: What to Get A Photographer

Hey guys!

The holiday season is officially upon us. If you have a photographer in your life, amateur or professional or anywhere in between, there's sure to be something on this list that they will love.

And if anyone who knows me is reading this...hint, hint.

1. Moment Phone Lenses

Image taken with Moment Macro lens by @agsetya_

Moment has been a leader in attachable phone lenses for the past few years.

There are competitors on the market, but Moment has everyone beat in terms of ease of use and image quality. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that you need the case to go along with them, but it ensures a perfect fit.These are perfect for iPhoneographers who want to take their images to a new level. I'm especially intrigued by the macro lens. The results look amazing!

2. Polaroid Camera

You may remember that Polaroid died a few years ago. Well, like Taylor Swift, it rose up from the dead and is better than ever. The Impossible Project took over the film production in the interim, and now the two have merged and released a new Polaroid One Step camera and new film stocks, all at a lower price! I was given a vintage Polaroid this summer and had a blast playing with it on vacation. I took the picture above on the coast of New Hampshire.

3. Photo Book

Image via Artifact Uprising

In the age of cell phones and digital cameras, having tangible, printed photos is a rarity. Every time I print one of my photos it takes on a new life. It's something I want to do more often. For the photographer in your life, a photo book is a great way to admire their work and show them that you support their passion! At Artifact Uprising's website, you can either put a book together for them or give them a gift card so they can make one themselves. 4. Camera Blueprint T-shirt

Whether you're #teamcanon or #teamnikon, or any other brand, this camera blueprint t-shirt is a fun way to rep your favorite hobby. My brother got this one for me for Christmas last year and it's become one of my favorite tees. Not only is it a cool design, it's also super soft. Heathered grey t-shirts are always the softest, it's just a fact.

5. Camera Strap

The straps that come with cameras are practical but completely devoid of style. Support a small business this season and order a cute handmade strap from Etsy! There are thousands of options from genuine leather to lace scarves and even macrame!

My personal favorite is this pink floral strap. It has just the right about of style and versatility.

Get this cute floral camera strap from Olive & Rey Handmade.

image via Olive & Rey

6. Vintage Film Camera

There are hundreds of vintage cameras out there. I've picked up a few from antique shops and I've had a ton of fun playing with them.

One of the simplest you can get is the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. This camera was on the market for decades. The simple point and shoot design has almost no controls, making it great for beginners. The only drawback is that the 116mm film is no longer being produced. I wound up buying Ilford 120mm film for the pictures above and physically filing down the edges of the roll so that it would fit in the camera. It was a DIY solution, but it worked! If you're shopping for a more advanced photographer, this Canon AE-1 is a classic standby. With full manual controls, it allows complete control over your image. It was the camera of film students around the world for years. It takes 35mm film, which is still available even at CVS! 7. DJI Osmo Mobile

Image via DJI

The DJI Osmo Mobile is a nifty little tool that allows you to take steady photos and videos with your phone. It's an electronic gimbal, which means it uses a mixture of weights and technology to counterbalance the weight and movement of your phone. This can allow you to create steady video while walking, take long exposures for photos without hand shake, and get super awesome panoramas. This thing can handle a lot. I've seen people run with it and it still stabilizes the footage. It's a pretty awesome tool.

8. Prism

Image via @aylagood

Image via Skylar Watkins

The prism I'm referring to is just a triangle shaped piece of glass that can be used to create rainbows or distort an image when placed in front of the camera lens. Prisms have been super popular across the internet this year and it's easy to see why. All you have to do is stick them in front of your lens and they completely transform your image. You can add a kaleidoscope or rainbow effect instantly. 9. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights were another photography hack that made a big splash this year. Popularized by the extremely talented Brandon Woeful, it wasn't long before everyone and their mom had a pack of fairy lights in their camera bag.

10. Vogue: The Covers

Images via Urban Outfitters

If you're into fashion photography like I am, then the updated Vogue: The Covers coffee table book is a super awesome gift. It features many of the iconic covers from throughout the magazine's 125-year history, as well as every cover from 2010 through 2017.

Are you considering any of these gifts for the photographer in your life...or maybe yourself? Let me know!

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