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A Fashion Photoshoot In The Mall

Hey guys!

Since it's been between 1 and 17 degrees here in New England for the past week, it's been pretty difficult to shoot outdoors. This has led me to get creative with my shooting locations. I was happy to start my new year meeting up with fellow photographers Kristen Bousquet and Nate Blais to hang out and do a little fashion shoot in the Holyoke Mall.

I normally shy away from indoor locations, but I absolutely loved shooting in the mall! We started out in the food court arcade, which had so much fun lighting. Sitting in front of the games, every shot was a different color with the changing lights.

From there we headed to Forever 21. The shoe section turned out to have perfect lighting and glamorous looking backdrops. This felt like a styled shoot where I didn't have to do any work. It was great!

Nate got a pretty awesome reflection photo of Kristen.

After that, we headed over to Hobby Lobby and played around in the fake flower aisle. There was a wall of ivy that wound up looking so cool in the photos. It was blowing all of our minds that we were indoors in an aisle full of plastic florals.

This was the perfect way to start 2018. My goal for this year is to shoot more and I just got back from my third shoot this week, so it's starting off great!

I hope you're all having a wonderful beginning to your 2018, and if you're not, there are 362 more days to get on track!

TTYL ~Kelsey

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