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A Wild Gothic Romantic Winter Engagement Session | Worcester, MA

Hey guys,

I realize we finally just got out of winter here in New England, but I've been behind on sharing this blog post and I couldn't let it just sit on my hard drive!

Tony & Amy are one of the coolest couples I've ever met. They emailed me with their out-of-the-box idea for wearing geometric animal masks for their photos (an homage to their upcoming wedding at the San Diego Zoo) and I ran with it.

They bought the masks and their amazing outfits. I brought my camera and the smoke bombs. Together we made magic.

The session started off simply with Tony & Amy walking down my grandparent's classic driveway. We were originally planning on doing the shoot in a park, but when we decided to use the smoke bombs, we decided private property was the best option for not getting the fire department called.

My grandma was so sweet to let us use her yard! We went inside for a few minutes to warm up (it was a very chilly, windy day) and after five minutes she was already telling Tony and Amy that she loved them. She's crazy, but she got the biggest heart.

Here I told Tony to warm Amy up. Not only was a great way to avoid freezing, it also looks really cute and I love the connection it shows.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Tony and Amy's style? They rocked this gothic romantic look. I absolutely loved the maroon and black color palette. It was the perfect contrast to the green pines.

Amy's lace up back dress was stunning. Her pale skin made all the detail in the lace really pop. It was such a perfect pick! Tony's maroon suit was so cool. I love a classic grey, brown, or navy blue suit, but I am also all for new colors and prints. If a groom ever wants to wear a floral suit to one of my shoots, I would just for joy.

Then, the masks came out...

Tony and Amy made these by hand out of paper! How freaking amazing is that!? They said it took hours, but it was totally worth it. They looked amazing.

I thought that the smoke bombs were just going to be photo-worthy while they were going off, but it turns out they look really cool being activated too!

I got these smoke bombs from Shipped Yesterday and I would definitely recommend them to other photographers. They come in a bunch of other colors, too. The tops of them get hot, so you should definitely be careful. We kept a glass bowl on the ground to put them in once they were done going off so they could cool down. They emit smoke for about a minute, so you have to be fast. I think we used four during this shoot.

Special thanks to my mom for being the smoke bomb operator for a lot of these shots! She was such a help!

And then, they turned into a cloud.

JK, I think they got lunch after this.

Anyway, I am so happy to finally be sharing this gothic romantic engagement shoot with you all!

This was one of my favorite shoots ever. It was so creative a stylish. I loved working with Tony and Amy brainstorming ideas and working together to craft the shoot of both of our dreams!


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