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Not An Engagement Shoot | Belchertown, MA

What's up guys?

I hope you're doing well. I am!

This is a special couples shoot because it's my brother Seth and his girlfriend Leah! I occasionally force my family to model for me, and they were the lucky ones this day.

I texted them Friday morning asking if they would be willing to be my subjects, and surprisingly, they agreed. I was planning on making it casual, but then Seth insisted on wearing his blue suit (which I picked out for him at Express last year). So, we went a little bolder with Leah's red dress to match. It's actually one of my dresses. I often put my friends in my ever-growing collection of dresses that I can now justify for "business purposes".

We walked up to my favorite spot in Belchertown, which always has THE BEST golden hour light. Seriously, this spot never disappoints and it's only a few minutes from my house. It's perfect.

This was their "American Gothic" pose. which I described as, "That farmer and his wife painting with the pitch forks." Leah, being an art buff, knew the actual name.

I love a good twirl. As a child, I made sure all of my dresses passed the "spin test." It's still something I keep in mind when shopping.

Apparently, Seth was whispering "I hate this. I hate every second of this" in Leah's ear. She has an easy laugh, so she was giggling the entire shoot.

All Seth wanted was the sun between their heads. I let him shoot a few of my outfits and suddenly he thinks he can direct the whole thing! Lol

My new favorite thing is making people run, so if we're shooting together, bring some supportive footwear.

I love this picture because I think they look like a spy couple walking away from a successful scheme.

If you and your loved one want to book a couples shoot, or an actual engagement shoot, fill out this form!



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