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How I Got Into Photography

Hey guys!

This is one part story, one part announcement.

My obsession with fashion bloggers began my senior year of high school when I discovered the website

It opened my eyes to the world of creative dressing. In my small town, wearing any type of shoe with a heel above half an inch was going rogue, so seeing women and men pulling of full galaxy print outfits was mesmerizing.

After a few years of lurking and a couple sneaky posts of my own and a college class about entitled Fashion and Feminism in the African Diaspora (it was pretty dang great), I decided to make my little corner of the internet.

There was born, The Bohemian Dreamer.

What began as a creative outlet to channel my frustration from wearing STAFF t-shirts at my summer job quickly became one of my favorite hobbies.

My first outfit post. I actually still have that skirt and the jeans from the next outfit!

After a few months, I decided that putting my iPhone 4 on video mode and taking screenshots as my photos wasn't cutting it. I saved up months of paychecks from my retail job and bought my first DSLR. It was a Nikon D3100 and it was my prized possession. I still have it. It stays in my car in case there's ever a moment that I just need to snap a photo on something other than my phone.

This was the first weekend I got my camera. I didn't know what I was doing, but I loved it.

My dad took both of these photos. He's always been a great sport whenever I force the camera on him. I eventually got a remote shutter and

Throughout college I kept up with my blog, posting usually at least once a week, documenting my outfits and my life.

It wound up being a big factor in getting my internship at Crompton Collective and my full-time job at Brewster Home Fashions.

In July of this year, after realizing I hadn't posted since January (see above), I decided it was time to stop paying Wordpress and let the blog go, for a little bit.

Now, I'm happy to say that it's coming back!

Although, you can still view all of the archives at The Bohemian Dreamer and on Instagram.

This isn't going to turn entirely into a fashion blog (I often wear the same outfit for days at a time anyway). I'm excited to share a little bit more of myself and connect with the passion that started this while photography journey.

So now, onto the outfit!

Jeans: Levis also at Free People Band Tee: First Aid Kit

Boots: similar at Jeffery Campbell and DSW

These jeans were a recent score found in the clearance section of TJ Maxx. They're a little snug when I'm sitting, but like, what isn't?

They're supposed to be a cropped style (you'll laugh if you click through on the links and see where they fall on the model), but I have fully embraced that trend because it means I finally have jeans that aren't six inches too long.

The tee is from one of my favorite bands, the folk sister duo First Aid Kit. I saw them perform in Boston last winter and they were so good live! It was my first time at The House of Blues after years of wanting to go there, and I really liked it. I love a concert venue with seats because I see nothing in a crowd.

The boots are an old Target clearance bin find. I almost never wear them because heels are not fun, but I pulled them out for this outfit.

I hope you enjoy this new category of content! I'm excited to get back into wearing actual clothes and taking pictures that are just for fun.


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