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Em & Brooks Mountaintop Wedding | Acadia National Park

Em & Brooks, I really can't say enough about these two. Not only did they hire me to shoot their (and my) dream wedding at the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park and brought their two dogs, they're also two of the nicest, greatest people I've had the priviledge of working with.

From our first phone call I knew I was going to like them. They are so down to Earth, and really cared about the sentiment of the day rather than putting on a show or having a big production.

They had been engaged for four years and had finally decided it was time to tie the knot. Actually, Em signed up to run a half marathon in Acadia and then decided the next day would be the perfect time to get married!

She stamina that I can only dream of!

We started off the morning with portraits at the top of the mountain. Em and Brooks had gotten ready together, so they didn't bother with a first look.


Em wore a beautiful blue dress and looked like an actual princess..more on that later.

I got this candid shot of Em and her brother walking along the sidewalk and I'm obsessed with it. Sometimes things just work out.

Em has the most amazing smile and I was lucky enough to see it all day long!

Brooks got his own moment to shine with groom portraits!

This is Sarah and Ben. Ben is Brooks' brother and I shot their super cute backyard wedding in Newburyport, MA last year. Their family has the most fun, laid-back weddings and I love getting to capture them!

Em's brother got ordained so that he could marry them. He even got a fancy gold badge!

Is this not the most beautiful walk down the aisle you've ever seen?

Em & Brooks' closest friends and family gathered around the platform to witness the nuptials.

That we-just-got-married look.

Em with her children, Artemis and Diesel.

So, about that princess comment. I wasn't the only one that thought Em looked straight outta Disney. This little girl came over after the ceremony and it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. And they both have red hair! I can just imagine this little girl wanting to be Em when she grows up, and that would be a beautiful thing because Em is awesome.

Best doggo photo I've ever taken. Any time someone says "Dooooo you?" Diesel looks up just like this— ears pop, eyes widen, and the tongue comes out.

These were all the guests at the wedding. Just family and close friends.

This might be the best family portrait I've ever taken.

Did I mention that Em did her hair herself? Because she did (Brooks helped screw in some of the rhinestones) and it was beautiful.

After the ceremony we headed into the park for more portraits, just the three of us!

After portraits we went to the Jordan Pond House in the park for lunch. I didn't get a ton of photos there because Em & Brooks invited me to join them and their family for lunch, so I got to eat some delicious food!

I was so grateful that Em & Brooks chose me to photograph their wedding before it happened, but afterward I felt it ever more.

It was such a beautiful, intimate day and I'm so glad I was able to be there for it and capture the whole thing.

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