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Sedona Engagement Session | Alpine Northwest Retreat

I just got a chance to go through the first set of photos from the @alpinenorthwest retreat I was at in Arizona last week.  Honestly, I’ve felt kind of weird about posting them because for the most part, I didn’t direct any of these shots, so I don’t feel a ton of ownership over them. This was a big group shoot and I am not an aggressive person. I kinda hung to the side and let the other ladies do the directly while I got shots from the bushes. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but it does take away a big part of what photographing someone is- the process of guiding them into the reactions and poses that you want.  But, I still love these photos and I got a ton of cool angles that I wouldn’t have normally. 

Vanessa & Nick

What a sweet couple! I'll probably be saying that about every couple beause they were all lovely inside and out, but Vanessa and Nick were the couple I got to talk to the most at the retreat. Nick is in school to be a teacher and Vanessa is a super talented photographer. You should definitely check out her Instagram!

Vanessa's Instagram

Nick's Instagram

Sydney & Brayden

This was the couple I got to talk to the least. There were just so many people at the retreat that I didn't have enough time to get to know everyone. Regardless, they were so kind and willing to do whatever crazy poses we asked of them. You'll see when I post the wedding photos from the retreat that they were really up for anything! Their shooting location was by far the hardest to get to with a steep uphill climb and Sydney did it in a long gown with no complaints!

Sydney's Instagram

Brayden's Instagram

Brynn & Matt

I found out after the shoot that Brynn & Matt dislike getting their photo taken so much that they didn’t even have a photographer at their wedding.  Whatttt??? The whole time we were working with them I kept saying, this could be an American Eagle ad and people thought I was weird for still shopping at American Eagle, but whatever I like their clothes and would probably buy them if these two were modeling in the campaign.

Brynn's Instagram

Matt's Instagram

 Matt & Greg

Again, such a sweet couple. I was walking behind them as we went from camp to this shoot area and they were holding hands the whole time and it really warmed my heart. It turns out that Matt is also a talented photographer. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't find out until after that half of the models were photographers because then I would have been even more intimidated.

Matt's Instagram

Greg's Instagram

Dallin & Cienna

Oh my goodness, talk about energy and spunk! These two were off the charts. They made me tired just looking at them. I photographed them last out of all five couples (so they had been photographed by 40 other photographers by the time my group of 10 got to them) and I was blown away by their enthusiasm and how clearly in love they were. I kept saying that Cienna must be a blogger because of how amazing she was in front of the camera, but it turns out they’re both amazingly talented photographers!

Dallin & Cienna's Instagram

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