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Ross & Jess' Spencer Country Inn Fall Wedding

Ross is my cousin, so doing the photo and video for his wedding meant so much to me. He and Jess are such a sweet, fun couple who balance each other out so well.

As my cousin Kenzie said in here speech, with them you have all your bases covered. If you want to go out and have a night on the town, call Ross. If you want to stay in and do a puzzle, call Jess.

Watch their wedding video:

The wedding took place at the historic Spencer Country Inn in Sterling, Massachusetts. This venue has so much charm!

The girls got dressed in one of the historic bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the guys were playing cornhole outside.

Then it was time for the first look!

Then it was time to get the wedding party out there!

Portraits don't always go as planned...

My beautiful gram!

Ceremony time!

I love seeing guests' reactions during the ceremony.

Ross and Jess had super sweet and shockingly similar vows. They talked about how they met over FaceTime, how Jess is secretly an old lady, how Ross came home with a dog one day, and how they both knew as soon as they met that they had something special. When they were done my uncle, who was officiating, asked if they had known they were going to be talking about the same things and they hadn't! They are just that in tune with each other!

I was laughing at my aunt Betsy holding all the bridesmaids jean jackets because she looked just like Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30.

My aunt Susie embroidered Jess' jacket and it came out so cool!

Have you ever seen a more badass group of bridesmaids? I haven't!

Ross and Jess were hoping for a sunny day but it wound up being overcast. In order to get that beautiful golden light I had Jess' dad hold a flash just outside of the frame. I added a yellow gel to make it look like sunlight and, bam!, we got that golden light even without the sun!

I managed to get in one picture that night!

The cake cutting is often a test of wills. Would Ross smash the cake in Jess' face?

Uh oh....

BUT...he knew better and reigned it in at the last second. Ross is a jokester but he knows how to treat Jess right.

Then it was time for parent dances!

Annd the dance floor opened up!

We got in one last set of portraits before the night was over. I was so excited when I saw it was raining. I was like, WE HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE FOR TWO MINUTES I PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

It was!

Ross and Jess had a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for them!

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